Differential Operators  Harmonic Oscillators
Variational Calculus

Operator Calculus:   Linear Operator Rules

Fourier Transforming the Damped and Forced Harmonic Oscillator

Using the Fourier Transform to Solve the Harmonic Oscillator and Back-Transforming

Functionals: An Introduction to Variational Calculus by way of Variation of Parameters: Approximating the Geodesic

Minimizing Parameters for the Geodesic's Quadratic Approximation

Comparing the Approximation to the Exact Solution

Approximating the Brachiostone

Calculus of Variations: Euler Equation for the Geodesic

Calculus of Variations: Numerical Solution of th Euler Equation for the Brachiostone

Comparing the Brachiostone to its Approximations

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