If you can't see a diamond crystal here, then find out how to get Java3D

(Click and drag to spin the crystal around)


May 11, 2005 The first public release of AtomicControl, version 0.5, is now available! Go to the Software section to download it now.

May 11, 2005 AtomicControl Thesis presentation given at MIT. More Info...


To explore crystals on your own desktop, download AtomicControl software here. AtomicControl allows you to create your own crystal structures and to manipulate them in three dimensional space on your desktop, as well as simulate x-ray diffraction patterns of your crystals.

Learn About Crystals!

Since crystal structures are often hard to visualize, you can explore three-dimensional crystals using Java applets to gain a deeper understanding of their structures on both microscopic and macroscopic levels. Information about various crystal structures and other resources pertinent to students can be found here.