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Getting Help

Several  methods of getting help are available.
   1.  Typing ?ExpIntegralEi  returned information about the symbol  ExpIntegralEi.  Typing ??FunctionName gives even more information—try ??Plot.  Wildcards can also by used as demonstrated below.  You can click on the resulting grid-list to pull up documentation.



Each of the above is linked to Mathematica's Help Browser.

2.  Typing Options[Plot] returned a list of options that can be adjusted by the user until the result (in this case the appearance) of the plot is satisfactory.

Mathematica's Help Browser is a very useful tool and will probably become a primary resource for students.  It contains good tutorials and demonstrations that can be copied and pasted.  It has very good and concise descriptions of mathematics; in fact, exploring the Help Browser is a good way to explore mathematics as well as Mathematica.  For instance , the discussion of "Combinatorial Functions"  by typing "Combinatorial" at the help browser---you will get a list of results that points to tutorials and overvies.

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