Using a function from a package, before loading the package



To load the package ...



find the correct name (The package directories are located in "Packages" in "AddOns" the $InstallationDirectory, on macintosh:











Doing this correctly now ...




Using formatting commands in assignments

Examples of common mistakes:





        Practical advice, define and display with separate commands





Older versions of Mathematica (previous to 6.0) required that the functions begin plotted had to be evaluated first.  If you use older notebooks, you will see this. Post 6.0, using evaluate still works but affects the behavior, notive the time to compute and the appearance of the following two plots. As you will see below, using Evaluate still improves the behavior...

Not using Evaluate : slow and monochrome.



Using Evaluate : Fast and multicolored.

        Practical advice:
            Use Evaluate in Plot when in doubt



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