There once was a student from MIT
who was forced to return her course 3 degree
because she had simply forgot
how to construct a phase plot
using D + F = 2 + C

W. Craig Carter

A course 3 student was in pain
his last result went to the drain
as he could not predict
what he was to restrict??
The Gibbs phase rule attacks again!!!!!

Raymundo Arroyave (TA) 2001

Det var en gang en imponerende ku
som vandret fra gården til en nabo.
Så spurte noen, "Hvordan?"
Hun sa, "Det er interessant;
Jeg har frihet fordi jeg vet at D + F = C + 2."

Rachel Kemper (Course Administrator and Norsk Kvinne)

Oh, what a self-confident Will! (J. Willard)
Of Gibbs I have had my fill.
He so glibly asserts
That you do no work
If d-volume is equal to nil

Kate Jenkins

The Gibbs Sum leads to the Gibbs-Duhem Equation
Which leads to another groovy relation
It's D + f = c + 2
The name Gibbs Phase Rule, will have to do
Remember this, & you'll pass the examination

Nicole Hau


Denbigh once wrote a book.
It was expensive. What a crook!
We went to the Coop--All Sold Out!
All I could do was scream and shout.
But it proves, 3.00, I took.

Corinne Packard

Three Almost Funny® Limericks by K.A. Sunter

The degrees of freedom can't exceed the number of variables, I knew.
But here was a system where that wasn't true.
At the math I always winced,
Until someone made me convinced
That I had forgotten to add the two.

Gibb's Phase Rule is so useful and
I wish Denbigh didn't make it so bland.
If I knew how to sing it I would,
And "Degrees of Freedom" could
Make an excellent name for a band.

F + D = C +2
And that is known as the Gibb's Phase Rule.
With all this real science|
Is it a great noncompliance
If this last line does not rhyme?

Kristen Sunter

There was a professor named Carter
who borrowed a book from Barker
written by Denbigh
about Gibbs's frenzy
and his phase rule that couldn't be harder

Christophorus (Geez, if I only had another syllable..) Vassilou

Why is it you can't spell my name?
Too many letters you'll no doubt exclaim,
But what would you do,
if i left out the two,
in the phase rule the earned Gibbs some fame.

Christophoros (Geez, no body can spell my name...) Vassiliou

The dilemmas of thermodynamics (H. Rocha, who understands this better than this would imply)

Thermodynamics is hard, I foretold.
No doubt a challenge, but I was bold.
Before me all of Gibbs was exposed.
Amidst laughs and jokes I heard all proposed.
I've learned a lot, but more confusion I now behold.

Heiddy Rocha

There once was a smart girl named Sandy,
When it came to thermo she was quite handy,
Request a phase plot,
And more often than not,
The Gibbs phase rule was her modus operandi.

Tim Hong

Gibbs was born in an ancient time
all he had was a freaking dime
one day he found something cool
turned out to be the Gibbs phase rule
so he celebrated with Tequila and lime

Hao Hu

Thermo is beautiful cried he,
Look at Gibb's phase rule and see.
Your problems it'll answer
It can even cure cancer
Just remember to add two and not three

Harold Hsiung

There once was a Carter named Craig.
"Learn the Gibbs Phase Rule!" he'd beg.
D plus f, it is true,
Equals c plus two;
About that I'm not pulling your leg.

Heather Fireman

Note in the following by Y. Hori, that the first letters of each line correspond to "D" + "F" "E"quals "C" + "2"

Darkness prevails in the world
For people like to fight
Even different ice phases can coexist
Can't humans live at peace?
2+C=D+F too simple a rule to be applied?

Yuki Hori

There once was an old man named Gibbs
If all that he said, none were fibs
He wrote down a law
Which everyone saw
The phase law was painted on cribs

Michelle Seitz

There was an isolated system
whose species sat at equilibrium
Since no barrier did tame
Their potentials were the same
And now we don't have to measure'em

Bo Zhao

There was a man named Jeff
Who certainly was no Hugh Heff
The ladies could not
be got as he thought
by saying C and 2 equals D plus F

Chris Kinney

There once was a penguin named Twee,
Who thought, "thermo is too hard for me."
All he wanted was ice
And thought it was nice
He could find it with D + f = 2 + C.

Whitney Gaynor

Once in a thermo class
I feared not being able to pass
I could remember
Only by December
D+F=C+2, yes!!!

Miguel Calles

A clueless course 3-er was Sue
For whom things that made sense were few
But she was no fool
'Cause she knew gibbs' phase rule,
D plus f equals C plus two.

Diana Wu

While walking at Harvard University
I had somehow managed to see
Professor Carter
With a Magic Marker
Writing C+2 = F+D

Paul Saindon

Some lines of univariant equilibria
May cause anger and hopeless despair in ya
But dear Gibbs helps us see
That the freedom degree
C plus F minus 2 halts hysteria.

Kate Ruhl

THere was a thermo Prof Carter,
who was a man full of wit and laughter.
He taught his students the Gibbs Phase Rule -
which made them drool and feel real cool,
and all become so much smarter.

Carter's psets gives me a heart-attack,
which teaches me wherein thermo I lack.
But Gibbs Phase Rule made me say "Jeez...
Thermodynamics is such a breeze!"
and this frame of mind keeps me on the right track...

Daphne Pi-Han Lin

What can I say about Gibb's Phase Rule?
It can be a useful Thermo tool.
For, if you use it right,
Even when high as a kite,
Your Professor will still think you're cool.

Lesley Frame

Learning Gibbs' Rules can be slow
Students find it a great woe
But some struggle through
Memorize that D+f=c+2
And say "Look at all the things I know"

Mariana Shnayderman

There was a professor of thermo
Who proclaimed that Gibbs was his hero.
He'd belabor this rule:
D+f is c+2
To students who'd had sleep worth zero

Eunice Chang

If D+F is C+2
I know just what I've got to do;
With two phases, we'll have fun!
(Degrees of freedom-you are one)
If three phases (not, say, two)
Degrees of Freedom, where are you?

David Reinharth

Je suis une élève très intelligente
Parce que je sais la règle le
plus importante
C'est tellement simple, vous savez
Faire le dessins qui vont montrer
Ce que Gibbs a dit: <<D + f == 2 + C>>

Anna Mracek