entropy is increasing
Hot ice is melting.

W. Craig Carter, Oct. 12, 2000

Slowly or swiftly
finally death shall creep over
the isolated one

Osman Bakr, Oct. 16, 2000

I love Craig Carter
He is like a Thermo God
Please give me an "A"

I wish that I knew
What the Second Law could be
Oh, well. I don't know.

We must write Haiku
'Bout the second Thermo Law
Strange professor's whim.

Michael Donohue, Allon Hochbaum, and David McIlroy, Oct. 17, 2000

Branches Fall, ice melts
Tumult at the river mouth
Second Law, springtime

Rachel Kemper, Oct. 17, 2000

A triple contribution with extended explanation:

Hot green summer day
When ice in lemonade melts...
Entropic increase.

Ice covers frog pond;
Water forms fine crystals while
Universe disorders.

Surrounding vessel
Holds wintry object within:
Heat flow, less order.

David McIlroy, Oct. 18 2000

Damned oil companies
Sweet perpetual mobile
Second Law foiled thee

Catherine Bishop, Oct. 18, 2000

e. e. cummings might
have written about dS.
But not a Haiku.

Write ordered poems,
increase the entropy of
the whole universe.

Jeremy W. Boyce, 23 Oct. 2000

The old fridge is not
ideal, but is good enough
to make my ice cubes.

Bette Weinberg, Oct. 26, 2000

Heat Death dampens hearts
Drowning in Adriatic
Might we hope to change?

Chris Sarantos, Oct. 27 2000

One Darn Good Haiku:

There is a state function named S,
Whose growth is a pitiful mess,
"Just look at its gut!"
"The size of its butt!"
Poor entropy will never be less.

Terry Huang, 27 Oct. 2000

if joy increased like
entropy of universe
i would be happy

Linda Kim, 27 Oct. 2000

A trilogy:

The entropy relief fund

Donate entropy.
Dozens of perpetuum
Machines will thank you.


My energy bill
Arrived in the mail. I growled.
Gibbs: propaganda.

A Quaint Sunday Afternoon

Entropy sighed, said:
"Things are not as they once were."
A fly ate my soup.

Robert Blair Schoene, 27 Oct. 2000

Entropy, like love
Never will be decreasing
In my Universe

Afua B "BB"Banful, 27 Oct. 2000

A group effort:

Spontaneous no more
Someday winter will not come
If disorder grows

"Clean your room", you say
Yet it disorders the world
You are so unjust

Would you be so kind?
Something is bothering me
Entropy goes up

This, then, I would ask
If you can, someway, somehow
Keep it from this trend?

No? 'Tis a pity
I should resign myself then
To eternal mess

Albert Lee, Julee Hong, and Camilo Guáqueta, Oct. 27 2000

Cannot be made or unmade
It is the content

Always increases
Form, order and disorder
Can be made anew

We don't really know
So we label it zero
It is convenient

Camilo Guáqueta, 27 Oct. 2000

Thermo sets are hard.
Disorder increases in
my head as I work.

Stephanie Berger, 29 Oct. 2000

Futile war against
my world of chaos, my doom
is life disorder

Thus I never fear
my life will ever cease to
be entertaining

Becky Flowers, 30 Oct. 2000